About Us

Cirrus Alpine Guides is located in the picturesque mountain town of Golden BC, Canada. We are licenced to operate throughout the Canadian Rockies, BC Interior mountains, National Parks and Provincial Parks across western Canada.

Owned and operated by Mark Stewart. We specialized in guided mountain adventures offering Alpine climbing, Rock and Ice climbing trips, Backcountry Ski trips and Avalanche Safety skills programs.

As an experienced independent guiding company we have the freedom to provide exceptional and distinct mountain experiences for our clients. We appreciate the personal relationships we gain with our clientele. A majority of our guiding is return guests and new guests who are looking for education or adventure.

We keep the size of our groups for climbing and skiing small, this way we can maximise safety and provide a personal, wilderness experience.

Cirrus provides safe, fun and creative mountain adventures designed just for you. Whether it’s your first step into the mountains or whether you are experienced and looking for new challenges – come and check us out, our mountain adventures will not disappoint you.

If you have a particular mountain adventure in mind just let us know your request and we'll go from there.

Enjoy the winter and "See you in the Cirrus".

Mark Stewart, IFMGA Guide

Cirrus Team

Mark Stewart
Director and Lead Guide, Mark Stewart, IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide

Mark is owner and the director of Cirrus Alpine Guides, he lives in Golden BC. Mark holds guiding membership with the IFMGA, ACMG and is a CAA Avalanche Forecaster/Technician.

Mark has lived, skied and climbed around the Canadian Rockies for the past 30 years, guiding professionally since 1993. Guiding adventures have taken him throughout the Canadian Rockies and interior range's, the West Coast Range, Alaska, Switzerland, France, Italy and New Zealand.

His career in the mountains has been keeping Cirrus Alpine Guides up and running by guiding skiing and ice climbing in the winters, alpine and rock climbing in the summers. For the last 7 years Mark has also been specialising with Industrial Avalanche and Mountain Safety work in Northern B.C.

Ice climb the Canadian Rockies.
Geoff Osler

Geoff Osler lives in Banff AB and holds IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide certification.

Geoff has been helping out with our ski touring trips, rock climbing and avalanche safety courses. Geoff spends most of his winter in the deep snow helicopter ski guiding for Canadian Mountain Holidays and his summers are spent guiding around Banff.

Geoff is a keen and avid mountain professional who loves to share his skills and experience with the guests.

Joe McKay, Alpine Guide
Joe Mckay

Joe McKay is an ACMG Alpine Guide and CAA Level 2, he lives and was born if Banff Alberta and grew up in the Yukon.

Joe has been guiding the Rockies for over 20 years and has been instrumental with much of the local ice and rock route development.

Joe helps out with our alpine, rock and ice guiding trips, his humor and many years of experience make him a great guide to be in the mountains with.

Ski tour rogers pass or the Canadian Rockies.
Jonny Simms

Jonny Simms is a Mountain Guide and lives in Golden BC. He holds membership with the IFMGA, ACMG and is a CAA Avalanche Forecaster.

Jonny helps out with our ski touring, rock and ice climbing and avalanche safety programs.

His guiding experience include snow and ice guiding, ski touring and helicopter ski guiding. He has spent time skiing, climbing and pioneering new routes in Patagonia, Europe, Alaska, Australia and North America.

climbing trips with ACMG Guides.
Neil Baker

Neil Baker lives in Canmore AB and is the owner of Sudden Comfort Portering. He has been helping out with our alpine climbing trips and hut based ski touring trips. He has been humping heavy loads of food and supply's into huts and camps for the last 8 years now.

Neil's easy going and fun personality only adds to the social aspect of your trip. What ever your destination is Neil can lighten the load on your back to make your holiday even more enjoyable.