5 Day Intro to Mountaineering

North Athabasca Glacier, guides ascents.

Mountaineering 5 Day

This is a comprehensive alpine skills course designed to help develop the independent mountaineer.

*Trip planning and equipment considerations.
*Rock, snow and ice climbing.
*Anchor building and protection.
*Belaying, lowering and rappelling.
*Glacier travel techniques.
*Route selection and navigation.
*Improvised crevass rescue techniques.
*Risk managnent and hazard awareness.

Learn “hands on” while leading your team to a number of summits during the week.

Two possible locations and objectives are possible

The Columbia Icefield area, based around Mt Athabasca, Andromeda and Boundry Peak.

The Bugaboos in the Purcell Mountains, Pigeon, Bugaboo Spires and Marmolata or Pigeon Feathers Traverse, also a hut based.

You can also custom this course for 3 or 4 days in length. Book any time for preferred dates.


Good fitness, glacier travel, grade 3 snow and ice climbing.
5 Days of skills and mountain travel.
June through to September.
Up to 4 guests per instructor.

Fees are quoted per person, in Canadian funds and include guiding and guides expenses.

Cost includes instruction/guiding and use of all technical gear such as ice tools, crampons, helmet, harness, glacier travel gear. You need to provide mountain boots, suitable clothing and food.
Local huts like Rampart Creek or Hilda Creek cost $35.00 pp per night, camping at the ice fields is first come and cost $15.00 per night for a site.

Client/Guide Ratio5 Day

Dates: Summer 2018
July 7 - 11, 21 - 25.
Sept 1 - 5.
Call or email for prefered dates.