A2 Peak

A2 Peak and Boundry Glacier

A2 Peak is at 9700 feet and is part of Mt Athabasca located above the Boundary Glacier on the East side. This peak is very similar to Mt Athasbasca's north glacier route and has a beautiful hike past Boundry Lake to reach the alpine.

It takes approx. 2.5 hrs to the base of the Boundary Glacier, then another 2 hrs to reach the A2 Mt Athabasca col. Approx 45 min more along the south ridge of A2 will bring us to the summit, easy 5.3 rock climbing.

We also guide this peak via Mt Athabasca's North Glacier traversing across the Boundary Glacier.

A2 Peak makes for a perfect alpine day climb that is less demanding then Mt Athabasca or Andromeda.

This trip requires meeting the guide at 5:00 at the Ice Field to start your climb.


Columbia Ice Field, Jasper 1 hour north, Lake Louise 1.5 hours south
Alpine grade 2, glaicer travel, easy rock along ridge to 5.3
One full day from road, 7-10 hours depending on conditions
Late May to September

Fees are quoted per day per person, in Canadian funds.
Include guiding and guides expenses.
Climb Only - Meet the evening before at the ice fields for a peak ascent early the next day.
1:1 $850.00, 2:1 $500.00 pp, 3:1 $390.00 pp, 4:1 $325.00 pp.

Climb with full training/refresher day on day one, peak ascent day two.
1:1 $1450.00 2:1 $875.00 pp, 3:1 $685.00 pp, 4:1 $580.00 pp.

Client/Guide RatioFee

Full or partial climbing gear package available, crampons, helmet, harness, tools and glacier travel kit.