Companion Rescue Skills 1 Day Course

Avalanche safety skills with Cirrus Alpine Guides

Hone your rescue skills - this is what keeps you and your partners alive! A Companion Rescue Skills (CRS) course is a must-have for all backcountry recreationists in any winter sport, because it teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques. No previous experience is required.

The CRS course is a great way to dial in necessary rescue skills or as a refresher for the AST 1 skills. This hands-on, one-day course takes place in the field.

After taking the Companion Rescue Skills course, we encourage all participants to consider further training by taking the AST 1 course.

At the end of the course, students should be able to:
•Consider and incorporate preventative measures.
•Prioritize actions if caught in an avalanche.
•Understand the function of airbags.
•Understand transceiver functions and practice transceiver skills.
•Apply search and rescue techniques.
•Practice searching without a transceiver.
•Consider multiple burial situations.
•Organize a group rescue.
•Identify post-incident considerations.

Minimum Field Time Requirement:
A minimum of seven hours in the field is required.

We can provide transceiver, probe and shovel included with the price of the course.
Students will need, ski's or snowboard and suitable clothing to spend the day out side.


Gear List: 
We can host this course at any ski hill or backcountry touring location.
Easy, suitable for all levels.
One full day in the field.
Dec to April.
8 students to 1 instructor max.

$165.00 per person based on 4 or more students.
Privet instruction for groups or individuals can be scheduled at any time.
See below for small 1-3 group privet rates.
Please call or email for more information or to book.

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