Mt Athabasca

Mt Athabasca, Jasper National Park

Mt Athabasca 11453ft/3491m, is the most popular peak at the Columbia Icefield.
It is the 18th highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

Mt Athabasca provides some excellent big mountain terrain for general mountaineering style climbing as well as multi pitch snow and ice routes of all grades and styles.

Mt Athabasca is one of the mountain areas we host our Snow and Ice Skills program.

Possible Routes
  • NE Ridge Route on Mt Athabasca
    North East Ridge, Route Mt Athabasca

    The NE Ridge Route has a good variety of climbing and superb positions and exposure along the upper ridge.

    Jasper is 1 hour North of the Icefield.
    Alpine grade 3 ice/snow route, glacier travel with some 5.5 rock climbing.
    11-14 hours return trip to car.

  • Guided North Glacier Route, Mt Athabasca
    North Glacier or Athabasca/Andromeda col Route

    The North Glacier and the Athabasca/Andromeda col are grade 2 general mountaineering routes and the easiest way to climb the mountain.

    Jasper is 1 hour north of the Icefield.
    Alpine grade 2, glacier travel and 35 degree snow and ice slopes.
    9-12 hours return to car.

  • guided Silverhorn Route Mt Athabasca
    Silverhorn Route

    The Silverhorn route is a true classic, one of the best in the area. This moderate snow and ice climb is on a big face and leads you to the summit of Athabasca.

    Jasper is located 1 hour North.
    Alpine grade 2, ice and snow climbing, glacier travel.
    12-14 hour day, return to car.


Columbia Ice Fields, Jasper National Park
Moderate, grade 3 alpine snow and ice.
10-14 hours on route.
June through to Sept
1:1 and up to 4:1 possible on the classic routes.
Client/Guide RatioFee

North Glacier Route or Athabasca/Andromeda Col Route.
Climb Only - Meet the evening before at the ice fields for a peak ascent early the next day.
1:1 $850.00, 2:1 $500.00 pp, 3:1 $390.00 pp, 4:1 $325.00 pp.

Climb with full training/refresher day on day one, peak ascent day two.
1:1 $1450.00 2:1 $875.00 pp, 3:1 $685.00 pp, 4:1 $580.00 pp.

East Ridge and the Silver Horn Routes.
Climb only 1:1 $900.00, 2:1 $550.00 pp. With training day, 1:1 $1500.00, 2:1 $900.00 pp.
North Face Route 1:1 $1000.00, 2:1 $600.00
Price incudes all guides expenses.
Full or partial rental climbing gear package available, crampons, helmet, harness or tools.