Yoho/Wapta Hut based Ski Traverse's

Ski Touring the Grindl Glacier at Mistaya Lodge.

Yoho/Wapta Hut based Ski Traverse's

The Wapta Ice Field and mountains straddle the continental divide and are the most ski toured ice field in the Rockies. Five high Alpine huts and 150 square kilometers of glaciation provide a high level traverse comparable to those found in Europe.

Late March through to May are the best time for weather and mountain conditions.
The huts are booked out full by mid Feb, early planning and hut bookings are required.

Mark has been guiding the Wapta ski trips every winter for over 20 years and knows the area very well. Guide services include all glacier travel, rescue gear and radio for call out.

Join us this winter on one of the classic ski tours of the Rockies.